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Brush Hogging & Widlife Food Plotting Services in Philipsburg

Here at Shimmel Professional Lawn Care and Landscape Services we offer high quality residential and commercial brush hogging and wildlife food plotting services for homes, businesses, apartments, condos, and more. Our team of trained professionals are here to provide you with quality brush hogging and wildlife food plotting services, and we are always happy to assist you or answer any questions you might have. We strive to provide the best brush hogging and wildlife food plotting services to all of our clients because job we do becomes part of our reputation.

Our brush hogging and wildlife food plotting services include basic brush hogging and planting specific plants to attract deer to your property. We take lots of pride in our work, each and every job that we take on is taken care of just like we would for our own property. We guarantee your satisfaction every time.

Brush Hogging and Widlife Food Plotting Company in Philipsburg Pennsylvania

Philipsburg Professional Brush Hogging and Wildlife Food Plotting Services

Brush hogging is just another, more aggressive way of saying “tractor mowing”, and for a good reason. Brush hogging is not a normal form of mowing, it means using a heavy duty mower to reclaim overgrown areas that have been taken over by thorns tall grasses and small trees.

Our heavy duty mowers will take a job that will normally take you days or even weeks down to hours. We have the experience to handle all the equipment needed to do the job safely and efficiently.

Another service we provide is wildlife food plotting for our clients.

Our Brush Hogging / Wildlive Food Plot serves the following areas:

Centre and Clearfield Counties, Pennsylvania

Our lawn care company works throughout the areas of Clearfield, Phillipsburg, State College, or Wallaceton areas.


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