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Landscape Maintenance Services

Here at Shimmel Professional Services Lawn and Landscape Services we offer quality residential and commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services for local homes, businesses, apartments, condos, and more. We have the experience to provide you with quality service, and we are always happy to assist you or answer any questions you might have. We strive to provide the best looking lawn to all of our clients because each lawn we do becomes part of our reputation.

Our property maintenance services include mowing, trimming, weeding, overseeding, cleaning flower beds, planting, mulch installation, dethatching, aerations, decorative and river rock installation. We take lots of pride in our work, each and every job that we take on is taken care of just like we would for our own lawns. We guarantee your satisfaction every time.

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Professional Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing services include, clean cut mowing, string trimming, edging and blowing clippings from paved areas.There are many benefits to having a well maintained lawn besides it being a clean, beautiful lawn. It will also have fewer pests and a greater tolerance for temperature fluctuations.

Small Tree and Hedge Trimming

There are many factors taken into consideration when trimming shrubs, hedges, and trees. They must be trimmed to the right size because removing too much can severely damage the plant or even kill it. Proper routine maintenance is very important for plants in regards to the health and vigor of the plant. This needs to be done properly in order for your plant to grow correctly.

Weed Control

If weeds have taken over your property then we are here to help. There are many factors that will cause weeds to grow and spread. If you are looking to properly preserve your yard or lawn, you should get a professionals help to ensure the beauty of your lawn. When we help you with your weed problem, we will come and implement weed control methods to stop the growth of those pesky weeds, and prevent future ones from sprouting in the future.


If your lawn is looking a little sparse or if the overall grass cover is less than ideal, then an overseeing treatment is recommended. Overseeding is the process of distributing an even layer of new grass seed over your existing lawn. This process will lead to a thicker and healthier turf that will look amazing.

Mulch Installation

Mulch installation is one of the best ways to maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape plants while also improving the visual appeal of your lawn. Mulch helps with water loss from evaporation, keeps spoil cooler in the warm months and warmer in the cold ones, keeps weeds from growing, and helps stop erosion.


Aerating your lawn can be very beneficial in maintaining a healthy and growing lawn. Aerating is necessary because of thatch build up and soil compaction. These are just normal things that occur from heavy yard use. When soil compacts it basically suffocates your grass roots because they cannot find room to breath or find much needed nutrients.

Shimmel Professional offers our lawn care and landscape maintenance in the Clearfield, Phillipsburg, State College, and Wallaceton areas.


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